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Watch Bracelet Adjustment

Jewellery Boutique understand what an inconvenience it can be when you receive your new bracelet watch and it is not a perfect fit around your wrsit, this is why we offer a FREE watch bracelet adjustment service prior to your order being dispatched for delivery.
Our in house jewelers will carefully adjust the bracelet to your exact wrist size so that you can enjoy your new watch from the moment you receive it.  

Just enter your wrist circumference in milimetres in the "Order Notes" box on the checkout page as pictured below.

If you are unsure on how to determine your wrist circumference then please follow the steps below for 2 simple ways to find out your wrist size.


The easiest way is to simply wrap a measuring tape around the bottom of your wrist. Be sure not to wrap the tape measure too tight otherwise this may give a false reading. 
Where the start of the measuring tape overlaps this is where you will take your reading. 
In the example on the right the correct measurement would be 55mm.

In the next example you will wrap a piece of string around your wrist and then measure the string against a straight ruler.

Please note that orders which require a bracelet adjustment may take 1-2 days longer than than the estimated delivery date. This is to ensure that all adjustments are carried out to the highest quality.

Please contact us for further information...